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Unience now is Finect

Finect combines the advantages of a community specializing in finance and the best technological tools to help with your investment decisions.

Control all your finances visually, and in one place

Compare, analyze, calculate, simulate and decide on your portfolio

Conversa and consultation with the best professional investors

Learn about the latest trends in funding, finance and markets

Pills for your financial health.

We help you make decisions with your money.

 Do I want more buy or rent?

 What financial products are more suitable for me?

 How I can face my retirement and my savings?

 Am I making the most of my savings?

 What to do with the deposit money that overcomes me?

Total financial aggregator.

All your banks and managers in one place

 Your finances, more visual, easier and in one place.

 Follow the evolution of your savings.

 Connect your accounts private and secure manner.

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