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15:11 el 17 septiembre 2013

ACCIONA Windpower will manufacture wind turbines in Brazil

ACCIONA Windpower will manufacture wind turbines in Brazil 03/09/13 ( Read full press release)

ACCIONA will meet the local content rules established by Brazil to finance the acquisition of wind turbines by wind energy developers.

The aim of this new assembly plant is to meet FINAME’s local content rules. The FINAME certificate allows wind energy developers to qualify for special financing terms offered by the BNDES (Brazil’s National Development Bank), while supporting the development of a local supply chain for the renewable energy industry.

As you know, Brazil is currently a very relevant market for turbine manufacturers, and the FINAME certificate is essential in order to be competitive. We have signed two supplier contracts so far and we have good prospects for the medium term.

In the context of annual capex of the ACCIONA group, the amount of investment required is not significant.


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