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13:26 el 25 noviembre 2015

Breakfast with the Director of Operations of ACCIONA Energy

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Last week we organized a breakfast for analysts with the Director of Operations of ACCIONA Energy Juan Otazu and the Director of Operation Control Miguel Ezpeleta.

Please find below the main messages of the presentation:

  • Main Strategic Principles
    • ACCIONA manages all its assets with a long term view:
      • Maximizing the turbine useful life
      • Emphasizing on preventive and conditioned maintenance
      • Making an active fleet maintenance risk management
    • Focus on increase production:
      • Average availability of 98% in 2015
      • O&M contract performance ratios linked to availability and speed of response
      • Enhancing the development of technical solutions to improve network integration
    • ACCIONA has improved its O&M/cost efficiency:
      • Increasing the efficiency and complexity through permanent internal benchmarking and cost reduction programs
      • Achieving economies of scale driven by global purchasing and logistic services
  • It has a Unique renewable System Operation Center (CECOER) that globally manages the operations and maximizes grid deliverability
    • It enables to reduce the response time allowing to resolve more than 60% incidences by remote-control
  • ACCIONA has a broad technological know-how and capabilities to operate and maintain all types of turbines (manages 10 different wind technologies)
  • ACCIONA has the target to reach 35-year useful life with controlled maintenance costs
    • Monitoring critical components and their path to failure
    • Adapting each turbine to its site
    • Carrying out design modifications
    • Adjusting operational regimes
    • Tailoring maintenance plans
  • Permits and land management:
    • No time limits from Energy and Industry Ministry Authorizations
    • With almost no need for the renewal of the rest of licenses
    • Active and diligent management of land rights: 80% expire after 2025
  • Lastly, they presented a Case Study about the wind farm “El Perdón”, the oldest asset. Several actions have been carried out during the 20 year life of the asset which have allowed the wind farm to operate at its full capacity:
    • Has an average availability of more than 98%
    • Production has increased more than a 3% since its construction


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