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20:22 on April 01 2011

Inversor a largo plazo

Warren Buffett abandona el Value Investing

Al fin ha sucedido. Nuestro admirado W. Buffett ha decidido cambiar su forma de invertir; según financialedege , que ofrece la noticia. Parece ser que hoy los anglosajones celebran algo llamado April Fools' Day, de lo que también se hace eco citywire . Que lo disfrutéis.
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Muy gracioso.

Day Trading - The Real Secret to Wealth?

Buffett has also apparently turned to day trading to supplement his income. Apparently, dozens of helpful millionaires log on to message boards every day just to help investors like him make more money. "Yeah, Kent, it's really cool. I read about all this money that people were making, and these systems that could double or triple my money in just a couple of weeks. So, I had to check it out, right?"

"Once I got to doing research online, it really just changed my life. There were all these guys talking about how they doubled their money in just a week and all I had to do was follow their picks and I could do the same. How awesome is that? I mean, I know there are all those newsletters out there that promise to double my money, but they charge money. And hey, I'm Warren-freaking-Buffett. I don't spend money if I don't have to, right? And besides, it's the internet … it must be true, right? I mean, I'm a billionaire and I never give any of my ideas away a minute sooner than I have to, but there's all of these rich people online just waiting to help you!".
Gracias por tu comentario, Rubik. Por cierto, ¿vas a ir a Omaha este año? Saludos.
Sí @xiscom ya tengo todo preparado. Siguiendo los consejos del profeta vuelo a Kansas City y allí me pillo un coche.
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