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Este viernes sabremos movimientos Q3 de los iBillionaire


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3 Things to Watch Out for When Billionaires Report Holdings This Week

By the end of this week, we’ll know what Warren Buffett , Carl Icahn , Bill Ackman and their billionaire peers were up to in Q3.

Friday, November 14 th is the deadline for institutional investment managers to submit their 13F filings to the SEC. Required on a quarterly basis, such reports provide snapshots of the portfolios of some of the most lucrative investors in the United States. They’re also the foundation of the iBillionaire Index , which curates a basket of the 30 U.S. stocks in which billionaire investors have allocated the most assets.

What did billionaire investors have going on during the third quarter of the year? We’ll have to wait a few more days to find out. And when the reports do roll in, there will be some important things to look out for. Here are three questions we’ll find out the answers to soon.

Who got in on Alibaba?

Alibaba ( NYSE:BABA ) hit the New York Stock Exchange in late September in one of the most anticipated IPOs of the year. The offer had investors far and wide scrambling to get in on the stock – and with good reason, considering that it’s climbed more than +20% since.

It’s likely that more than a few billionaires have picked up BABA shares in the process. In his third quarter letter to investors, Dan Loeb discussed Third Point’s equity position in Alibaba at length, outlining his belief that “Alibaba can generate long-term value in its core markets and compete in new ones, making it a compelling potential multi-year investment.” Steve Mandel hinted at a position in the company in his Q3 letter , and reports indicate that David Tepper , Chase Coleman and Leon Cooperman may be in the mix as well.

How have investors weathered the energy storm?

Oil prices have dropped significantly in recent months. And while some energy companies have managed to thrive , others have taken a beating.

Energy is a big part of why Carl Icahn is hurting. The billionaire’s investment fund declined -5.3% in the third quarter, weighed down by energy bets like CVR Energy ( NYSE:CVI ) , Chesapeake Energy ( NYSE:CHK ) and Transocean ( NYSE:RIG ) , which declined -7.17%, -26.03% and -29.00% in Q3, respectively.

What 13F filings will reveal this week is whether billionaires, like Icahn, are sticking it out with their energy bets, or whether they’re reducing their exposures and cashing out.

Who’s sticking around on Herbalife?

Bill Ackman’s highly publicized crusade against Herbalife ( NYSE:HLF ) has been one of his biggest ongoing plays. It’s pitted him against fellow billionaires Carl Icahn and George Soros as well.

Thus far, both Icahn and Soros have stayed the course on Herbalife, reporting 17 million and 4.74 million HLF shares in Q2, respectively. But the stock fell -32.21% in Q3, and speculation began in late September that Icahn was starting to sell ( rumors the billionaire later denied ).

We’ll be updating billionaire portfolios and the iBillionaire Index in the days to come as 13F filings roll in. Stay up to speed on the latest with iBillionaire for iOS and Android and follow us on Twitter for updates.

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Acompaño debajo actualización parcial con el email recibido ayer noche (hasta mañana no se publican las actualizaciones de los 13F) pero al menos da una idea con su titular EL BUENO, EL MALO Y EL FEO:





The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Top Billionaire Stocks

The stock market gone on a pretty rough ride in the past few months. Volatility was the word throughout much of September and October , and while the waters have calmed somewhat recently, it’s not exactly smooth sailing.

For billionaire investors, it’s definitely been a mixed bag. While some have made major gains – we’re looking at you, Bill Ackman – others have struggled – sorry, Carl .  Their favorite stocks, as tracked by the iBillionaire Index , have produced varied results as well.

Ahead of 13F filings and the impending iBillionaire Index rebalance this week, we thought we would take a look back to see how top billionaire investments have fared since the last batch of reports came in on the 15 th of August.

Some companies have soared, while others have soured.

The Good

Cognizant Technology Solutions ( NASDAQ:CTSH ) gained a commendable +18.74% in the period lasting from August 15 th through market close yesterday, November 11 th . A long-time Steve Mandel pick, the IT company also caught the attention of billionaire Ray Dalio in Q2.

Intercontinental Exchange Inc. ( NYSE:ICE ) , another holding of Mandel and Dalio as well as Leon Cooperman , gained +17.93%. A network of regulated exchanges and clearing houses for financial and commodity markets, ICE had a slow start to the year, with its price declining -16.01% during the first semester of 2014. It has apparently undergone quite a turnaround in recent months.

The same is true for Dollar General ( NYSE:DG ) , which during the first semester of the year declined -4.91% and through August 15 th -4.74%. From the 15 th on, however, it has rallied +14.06%. One of the companies at the center of the dollar store war over Family Dollar , DG is in the portfolios of Chase Coleman , Dan Loeb and Jorge Lemann – among others.

A number of other billionaire favorites surpassed the +10% gain mark since 13Fs rolled in back in August, including Actavis ( NYSE:ACT ) , McGraw Hill Financial Inc. ( NYSE:MHFI ) , MasterCard Inc. ( NYSE:MA ) , Apple ( NASDAQ:AAPL ) , Citigroup ( NYSE:C ) and Cigna ( NYSE:CI ) .

The Bad

Not all top billionaire stock picks have hit home runs in recent months. For some, the past 90 days have been a bit blasé.

Adobe ( NASDAQ:ADBE ) , Crown Castle International ( NYSE:CCI ) and AIG ( NYSE:AIG ) made marginal gains, climbing +2.33%, +1.47% and +0.69%, respectively.

Other companies found themselves in the red – albeit barely. Twenty-First Century Fox Inc. ( NASDAQ:FOXA ) declined -2.59%, and Comcast ( NASDAQ:CMCSA ) -3.06%.

The Ugly

Dragged down by falling oil prices, energy companies have taken a bit of a beating in recent months, including billionaire favorites Transocean ( NYSE:RIG ) , Halliburton ( NYSE:HAL ) and Anadarko Petroleum ( NYSE:APC ) .
The slowed performance of such energy companies have taken a toll Leon Cooperman and Carl Icahn, who are generally quite bullish on the sector. Icahn addressed the issue in a recent statement. "As I've said in the past, while I am extremely proud of our long term record, there have always been sporadic speed bumps along the road," he explained. "However, I believe over the long term, our model continues to be one of the best in the world."

Also putting in a poor performance from August 15 th through market close yesterday is Netflix ( NASDAQ:NFLX ) , which tumbled -16.67%. The internet subscription and streaming service disappointed on its quarterly results report in October and subsequently took at -26% dive.

Since then, the stock has struggled to rally back – though the billionaires aren’t fleeing just yet. In his Q3 letter to investors, Steve Mandel discussed his position on NFLX , and by the looks of it, his hopes are high.

The Billionaires

One point worth noting in all of this is the fact that some of the best and worst performers can be found in the portfolios of the same billionaire investors.

Take, for example, Steve Mandel . Cognizant Technology Solutions is one of his top holdings – as of Q2 he’s got 32.14 million shares in his portfolio. Also in his fund is Michael Kors ( NYSE:KORS ) , which since August 15 th has declined -11.75%. Carl Icahn is another example. He’s a major proponent of both top-performing Apple and struggling stock Transocean. Herein lies another key to the iBillionaire Index: diversification across billionaires, companies and sectors.

Here is how all 30 top billionaire stock picks, as per the iBillionaire Index , have stacked up since 13F season in August:

The deadline for billionaires to report their quarterly holdings is this Friday, November 14 th , meaning iBillionaire Index rebalance time is just around the corner. Stay tuned in the days to come to find out where billionaires placed their bets in Q3.




Y un reciente movimiento del gestor que más está ganando este año Bill Ackman:


Recent Transaction

Bill Ackman invested $1577 million in Zoetis Inc. with the purchase of 41.8M ZTS shares at $37.72. He now owns 8.30% of the company.

  • Current Price: $43.72
  • Other Billionaire Shareholders: George Soros
  • Bill Ackman's One-Year Return: 38.23%

Bill Ackman did not hold any ZTS shares prior this trade.

Zoetis Inc discovers, develops, manufactures and commercializes animal health medicines and vaccines, with a focus on both livestock and companion animals. The Companies products are sold in North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and Latin America. Learn More


Actualización de ayer tarde sobre Warren Buffett, quien además de comprar Duracell ver artículo de @apandres aquí, parece que ha incrementado su posición en Davita:

Recent Transaction

Warren Buffett invested $69 million in Davita Inc with the purchase of 944,418 DVA shares at $74.11. He now owns 17.95% of the company.

Warren Buffett 1 Year Return 9.18 %

DaVita HealthCare Partners Inc. provides a variety of health care services throughout the United States and abroad. The Company administers kidney care and dialysis services. In addition, DaVita HealthCare also manages and operates medical groups, a network of primary care physicians, urgent ... More



Siento que mis ocupaciones habituales me han impedido actualizar antes los movimientos de iBillionaire y GuruFocus. Intento en éste y siguientes comentarios reflejar los varios emails recibidos:

15-11 madrugada:

Guru Stock Picks Alert:

Bruce Berkowitz

Bruce Berkowitz (Fairholme Capital Management)
(updated on 2014-11-14) Click here for details.
Add: SHLD($33.08),
Buy: CHK($26.3), NYCB($15.91), BP($48.36),
Sell: FMCCL($16.81), FMCKL($9.69), FNMAJ($9.59), RAI($58.14), DO($44.22),

Paul Tudor Jones

Paul Tudor Jones (Tudor Investment Corp)
(updated on 2014-11-14) Click here for details.
Add: SCG($51.23), TTMI($7.57), SVU($9.22), SLXP($145.27), XL($33.4),
Buy: WSO($92.32), VXX($28.87), USB($42.22), TICC($9.62), TWTR($45.28),
Sell: SO($43.91), SRE($103.06), SBH($26.54), WWAV($33.46), SN($31.75),


actualización sábado 15-11 23:01h:


This Week: Buffett Money-Makers Take Center Stage as 13F Time Approaches

Annual Billionaire Performance*












































*Performance is calculated based on publicly-disclosed equity holdings

actualización sábado 15-11 noche:

Buffett’s Latest Trades: Buys 12 Stocks, Sells 5 Stocks

En este enlace encontrarán toda la información con mayor detalle del que yo pego debajo:



Just yesterday, Warren Buffett’s latest trades were revealed via Berkshire Hathaway Inc.’s (BRK.B) 13F filing, which is a filing that lists all of the transactions that took place over the third quarter in the $108 billion stock portfolio managed by the legendary investor.

This filing can provide some valuable insight into where Warren Buffett thinks the best investments might lie.

Now, it might not make sense to piggyback on his trades and simply buy and/or sell whatever he has because these filings are generally released 45 days after the most recent quarter ended, but it would appear to be an intelligent move to investigate exactly where the most successful investor of all time is putting his capital to work.



It’s also important to note that Buffett allows two other executives – Todd Combs and Ted Weschler – to authorize smaller transactions, so it’s difficult sometimes to decipher who bought and/or sold what.


Below, I’m going to go over every transaction and give some quick thoughts on each respective company.

I’m going to do my best to infer what each purchase and sale means, but it’s obviously impossible to know exactly what Warren Buffett was thinking when he executed each transaction.

Let’s take a look!

Please keep in mind this list is for informational purposes only, and is not a recommendation to buy any specific stocks.


Purchased 2,641,083 shares of Charter Communications, Inc. (CHTR)
Purchased 6,532,015 shares of DIRECTV (DTV)
Purchased 449,489 shares of Express Scripts (ESRX) NEW POSITION
Purchased 7,039,944 shares of General Motors Company (GM)
Purchased 304,034 shares of International Business Machines Corp. (IBM)
Purchased 534,461 shares of Liberty Global PLC Class A (LBTYA)
Purchased 665,400 shares of Mastercard Inc. (MA)
Purchased 205,600 shares of Precision Castparts Corp. (PCP)
Purchased 2,019,400 shares of Suncor Energy Inc. (SU)
Purchased 101,000 shares of Viacom Inc. Class B (VIAB)
Purchased 346,541 shares of Visa Inc. (V)
Purchased 1,588,034 shares of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (WMT)


Sold 1,275,233 shares of Bank of New York Mellon Corp. (BK)
Sold 883,234 shares of ConocoPhillips (COP)
Sold 3,978,767 shares of Deere & Company (DE) - SOLD OUT
Sold 919,918 shares of National Oilwell Varco, Inc. (NOV)
Sold 293,400 shares of Phillips 66 (PSX)

actualización lunes 17-11 mediodía:

Portfolios Updated! See What Billionaires Bought, Sold and Held in Q3




Portfolios Updated! See What Billionaires Bought, Sold and Held in Q3

Curious as to what Warren Buffett , George Soros , David Tepper and Dan Loeb had going on in the third quarter of the year? Head to iBillionaire to find out!

We’ve updated the portfolios of the billionaires we follow in accordance with the 13F filings they reported to the SEC late last week. We found out who bought into Alibaba ( NYSE:BABA ) , who got rid of Netflix ( NASDAQ:NFLX ) , which Wall Street magnates are waiting for the energy sector to bounce back and who’s changing course.

Visit our website , and check out our mobile app for iOS and Android , to see what billionaire investors have been buying and selling – and what they’ve been holding onto – over the past few months. We’ll also be providing analysis on the iBillionaire blog .

And, don’t forget that the iBillionaire Index rebalances this week. We’ll check back in a few days!


actualización martes 18-11 madrugada:



Recent Transaction

Larry Robbins invested $77 million in Teradyne Inc with the purchase of 4M TER shares at $19.30. He now owns 5.53% of the company.

  • Current Price: $18.79
  • Larry Robbins's One-Year Return: 12.78%

Larry Robbins owned 7 million shares before this trade.

Teradyne, Inc. designs, manufactures, sells, and supports semiconductor test products and services on a world wide basis. The Company's test equipment products and services include: semiconductor test systems, military/aerospace test instrumentation and systems, circuit-board test and inspectio... Learn More

*Performance is calculated based on publicly-disclosed equity holdings

actualización miércoles 19-11 madrugada de GURUFOCUS:

Guru Stock Picks Alert:

actualización JUEVES 20-11 por la tarde:


iBillionaire Index Q3 Rebalance

En este vínculo encontrarán toda la información detallada:




actualización viernes 21-11 por la tarde:


Recent Transaction

Bill Ackman sold 2.24M AGN shares, a $476 million stake at $212.59

  • Current Price: $210.20
  • Other Billionaire Shareholders: Richard Chilton, Thomas Steyer, John Paulson
  • Bill Ackman's One-Year Return: 44.49%

Allergan, Inc. is a multi-specialty health care company that develops and commercializes pharmaceuticals, biologics, medical devices and over-the-counter products for the ophthalmic, neurological, medical aesthetics, medical dermatology, breast aesthetics, obesity intervention, urological and o... Learn More

*Performance is calculated based on publicly-disclosed equity holdings

actualización lunes 24-11 por la mañana GURUFOCUS:


November Buffett-Munger Bargain Newsletter Is Ready For Download


GuruFocus Email Alert

Dear JUAN,

The October Buffett-Munger Bargain newsletter is about a company that both Charlie Munger and Warren Buffett have invested in on separate occasions. The company is the low-cost provider in a cyclical industry. Unlike its peers it is consistently profitable. For fundamental reasons the company is likely to remain the low-cost provider for a very long time. Because industry margins are currently depressed, the shares can be bought at a 40% discount to book value.

“It's far better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price than a fair company at a wonderful price... when buying companies or common stocks, we look for first-class businesses accompanied by first-class managements.”

- Warren Buffett ( Trades, Portfolio) (1989)

Can’t wait to know this stock’s name?

Get your copy of GuruFocus’s Buffett-Munger Bargain Newsletter now

What’s a Buffett-Munger Bargain?

A Buffett-Munger Bargain is a "wonderful company" selling at a "fair price". To be a wonderful company a stock must pass Warren Buffett’s 7-point checklist:

1. Simple Business
2. Favorable Long-Term Prospects
3. Able and Honest Management
4. Consistent Earnings
5. Good Return on Equity
6. Little Debt
7. Very Attractive Price

What’s the Buffett-Munger Bargain Newsletter?

GuruFocus’s Buffett-Munger Bargain Newsletter picks one new "wonderful company" selling at a "fair price" every month. The pick is made using GuruFocus’s Buffett-Munger Screener and Warren Buffett’s 7-point checklist. A new issue goes out to subscribers on the third Friday of every month.

Get your copy of GuruFocus’s Buffett-Munger Bargain Newsletter now


actualización MARTES 25-11 por la tarde:


Billionaires Rebalance. iBillionaire Index adds Google and Facebook; Sheds Netflix and Microsoft.


En este vínculo encontrarán toda la información detallada:



actualización miércoles 26-11 por la tarde:


Recent Transaction

Carl Icahn invested $261 million in Hertz Global Holdings Inc with the purchase of 10.49M HTZ shares at $24.92. He now owns 10.77% of the company.

  • Current Price: $25.25
  • Other Billionaire Shareholders: Chase Coleman, George Soros, Larry Robbins
  • Carl Icahn's One-Year Return: 3.06%

Carl Icahn owned 38 million shares before this trade.

Hertz Global Holdings, Inc. operates car and equipment rental centers throughout the United States and Europe. Learn More

*Performance is calculated based on publicly-disclosed equity holdings


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