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Do You Think It's Hard

To Consistently Make Big Money In The Market?


It doesn't have to be. Welcome to a new era
of high-tech, high profit investing that
brings you consistent double-digit
wins week after week...

Dear Fellow Trader,

It may seem too simple, but when I show you how this trading tool works, you’ll never buy or sell another stock without running it through Turner Analytics first.

It requires no experience, no specialized knowledge, no years of training… just the ability to click a mouse, and place an order with your online broker.

In a few seconds and two clicks, you’ll have the top 10 stocks for new money at your fingertips.

How easy this is!

This program actually tells you, based on solid, proven mathematics and not some silly biased analyst’s report, whether the market will be in an up-cycle or down-cycle at any point during the next 90 days.

But it gets better. You can even chart and predict an individual stock’s performance 90 days into the future.

These forecasting tools have a proven ability to forecast, with pinpoint accuracy, where any of 5,366 stocks or ETFs will be in it’s up or down cycle during the next 90 days.

And the ratings of each stock are so easy to follow:

Buy, Strong Buy, Neutral, Sell, Strong Sell (or short, if you like)

And most remarkably, you can try it out FREE for 90 days. But more on that in a minute. First I need to show you how…

Meet the Stock Market Genius Behind The 204% Average Profits!

Michael Turner
Financial Author
& Math Genius

Mike had humble beginnings, growing up in a small Southwestern town. His friends and family are probably much like you and me… honest, hard-working Americans who built this country.

Dubbed a “math prodigy” early on, he worked his way through a formal university education. He graduated to become one of the top software engineers in the country, helped by his other aptitude: complex mathematical problem solving.

He became fascinated with investing, but was disappointed at the resources available to individual traders. Undaunted, he decided to create his own stock timing and analysis computer program. The top business book publisher in the world, Wiley & Sons, heard about Mike’s amazing success and begged him to write a book to help others build wealth rapidly, as he had. That book is: “10 — The Essential Rules for Beating the Market”

Next, he worked over a decade, spending over $1 million to create his amazingly powerful Turner Analytics… and now, he and his members double their money every three years. Today, he wants to show you how you can, too.

Turner Analytics is
Ruthless and Totally
Unbiased When It Comes
To Making You Money

I have dedicated a decade of my life to researching the formulas that professional trading houses use to work out the math, identify the common patterns, and most importantly, uncover the underlying truths that power profitable trades.

And to pay for it all, I ponied up over a million dollars out of my own pocket.

And I was happy to do it. I’ve seen far too many investors swindled by phony systems, useless managers and a financial press that doesn’t have their best interests at heart.

I was among those investors whose next egg was chopped in half when a so-called expert managed my money—and it wasn’t even a bear market!

When there’s real cash on the line… people’s nest eggs, their family’s livelihoods, and even their very futures — there are no-excuses.

THAT is why I developed this incredible trading tool and why I want to share it with you today.

It stands to reason — if you know where a stock will be for the next 90 days… and you get to pinpoint its movement as often as you want with a 10-minute update…

You stand to make a fortune!

Think about what this means to anyone who charts stocks. Having a forecasting ability surpasses any technical indicator — most of which are lagging.

And the handful of leading indicators don’t even come close to charting the future of a security.

My Turner Analytics system is predictive, which is a HUGE leap forward in technical analysis.

And, even though it’s powerful enough to be licensed to professional traders, even a beginner can get up-to-speed quickly.

“Little” Investor Competes With
The “Big Boys”

"…You’re the most solid advisor out there. I may be just a little investor, but I won’t always be. Please keep up the level of excellence — it’s top-notch. In a confusing world, thank you for making sense of the markets.”

—Vicki R.

That’s because it is so easy to use — usually just one or two clicks of a mouse — and you’ve got the results you’ve always wanted.

And should you run into a challenge, my support staff is second to none. For example, JR, from Virginia Beach, says,

“…I do appreciate the time and patience you must have with newer investor questions. Keep up the good work.”

Another member, Gene C, says,

“…I am impressed by its thoroughness and ease of use…”

Bottom Line: Turner Analytics is sophisticated enough to give you profits that compete with the big boys on Wall Street, and simple enough to use that anyone can profit right along with the investing elite…

So I’ll take a few minutes to explain…

Here’s Exactly How Turner Analytics Makes You Money

Turner Analytics gives you a three-pronged attack on the markets:

The Market Forecaster: Gives you detailed charts of where major market indexes will be during the next 90 days.

The Equity Analyzer: Identifies the top 100 stocks and the top 50 ETFs… and gives you the in-depth information you need to make informed trades. It also contains a professional level screener for you to analyze your own portfolio — or any stock you may hear is a good play.

The Equity Forecaster: Gives you detailed charts of how each stock or ETF is expected to trend during the next 90 days.


The best way to understand Turner Analytics is to take a closer look…

Forecasting the Market

This is where the magic starts. Only it’s not exactly magic — the Turner Analytics market forecasting is based on an array of mathematical formulas, any one of which might fill an entire blackboard.

Through Turner Analytics’ market forecasting, you get a 90-day forecast of trends for…

  • Indexes (S&P, DJIA, QQQ, IWM)
  • Commodities (Gold, Gold Miners, Silver, Oil)
  • Currencies (Euro, Treasuries, Dollar, etc.)
  • Countries (Emerging Markets, China, Japan)
  • Sectors (Energy, Financials, Industrials)
  • Forex (Euro/USD, Pound/USD, Yen/Dollar)
  • Futures (Beans, Cattle, Copper, Corn, Crude, Gold, Natural Gas)

The amount of raw data it crunches on a weekly basis is astounding. Yet it all gets broken down for you into two simple charts.

And once you know where the market is going, it’s time to use a tool for…

Rating, Scoring and Ranking Thousands of Equities

Turner Analytics equity analyzing capabilities are truly astounding. You will know exactly what you can trade, when you can trade to get in and when you should trade to get out. This is the heart of Turner Analytics because there’s nothing quite like a high mathematical probability to predict how much cash you’ll make from a trade. Through the Equity Analyzer, you get:

  • New Hot Stock and ETF Picks — All stocks and ETFs that have produced a new buy or sell signal in the current week
  • Top 100 Stocks and Top 50 ETFs — The top stocks and ETFs, with all the information you need to buy and sell from a database of 5,336 investments.

This is how they look on our site (the actual ticker symbol is blurred out for this demonstration):

This is a snapshot of just the top few stocks on the screen. But you can see that each has its own stop, whether or not it’s available for an options play, how risky it is, and whether or not it is considered a “Strong Buy.”

Of course, since the above picture is only looking at the top few, each of them is a Strong Buy. As you progress towards the end of the list, the strengths of the recommendations will vary.

Many traders use just the top five or top ten on this list to trade. And they plug it into the Equity Forecaster to discover when to get in and out for maximum profits. More on this later.

Armed with this information, you’ll know exactly what to buy… when to buy… and when to sell to take maximum profits. No more uncertainty or fear in your trading.

And if that wasn’t enough, Turner Analytics also gives you my Proprietary Stop-Loss Method. Based on a Nobel Prize winning mathematical formula, that calculates the normal volatility range for a given stock, and stays outside it… nearly eliminating “nuisance” stop-outs, unless there is a serious event.

Turner Analytics also features a proprietary stock screener that gives you…

  • In-Depth Technicals — Each set of data generates a score derived from indicators favored by some of the best stock-chart readers in the game.
  • In-Depth Fundamentals — Each investment has a score generated for it from a rigorous set of fundamental measures, enabling you to accurately value a stock or ETF.
  • Sector Scores — A stock’s sector heavily influences its price and direction. You get a 30-, 60-, and 90-day score on your stock’s sector.

Now, why would you need to use this stock screener?

First off, let me tell you that this is a “geek tool.” If you love details… if you want all the info you need to analyze the deep aspects of a stock, you’ll find it here.

But if you’d rather someone else do the heavy lifting, that’s okay… just go with my Top 100.

Still, it’s nice to have access to a professional-level stock and ETF screener, “just in case.” How would this be useful?

Let’s say a co-worker, or your broker, or a talking head on CNBC gives you a “hot pick.” Now you can find out just how “hot” that pick really is.

Simply type its name into the screener, click the button, and you’ll get a wealth of information… enough to rival the info most analysts at top firms have.

Here’s an example. Just for grins, I ran Apple Inc. through the screener. Here’s a screenshot of about half the information you’ll get from the Turner Analytics stock screening tool about the investment potential in Apple.

Note the price line. That’s the line that changes colors from green, red and black. It shows the past few years’ history, like any other stock price chart.

But this price line is special! It shows you when the Equity Analyzer would have signaled you to go long (when the line’s green), when you would have been signaled to go short (when it’s red), and even when it would have been best to simply wait on the sidelines, in cash (black).

Remember, this is a chart of the past performance. The main purpose of the entire page is to give you a total score for going forward.

You'll get a forward look at the risks, technical and fundamental scores to tell you if there is strength or weakness on the horizon and so much more.

You’ll want everything to agree before we go into the market. That’s the best way I’ve ever seen to minimize risk, and maximize profits.

But remember, this is only 50% of the information on this page. I cut it in half, so I could show it to you.

However, many people are overwhelmed by this page. Which is okay. Like I said, it’s kind of a “geek page.”

Feel free to ignore it, if you don’t want this much depth on each stock — and just make trades off of my Top 100. You can make a very nice life for you and your family that way, very quickly.

Having Turner Analytics at your fingertips is like giving you the keys to a top Wall Street trading house. The trade-timing and scoring provided by Turner Analyticsis why I called it the “heart” of the system.

Now I’m about to introduce you to its “soul.” I’d like to show you how to look into the future of any of your individual stocks, with…

Turner Analytics Pricing Trend Forecasts

Remember, the Turner Analytics equity analysis and trade-timing gives you an in-depth look at what the top stocks are, and what they are doing today.

But the Turner Analytics Pricing Trend Forecasts takes trading to an all-new level. Earlier I showed you how to get forecasts of the major markets — like the S&P 500, Dow, Currencies, and Commodities — 90 days ahead of time.

However, with Turner Analytics Trend Forecasting, you also get 90-day forecasts of each individual stock or ETF.

Most individual investors would give their eye-teeth for a peek at the next 90 days of pricing trend for any stock or any ETF. You get laser-like precision for…

  • Profit Target Prices — You get a high-probability price for your stock or ETF’s maximum profitable exit.
  • Profit Target Dates — You get a high-probability date for when your stock or ETF will run out of steam — ahead of time, before you even go in!
  • A 5-month chart of your stock or ETF — You get the past two months of where it’s been, and a high probability of where it will be during the next three months.

Take a look at a sample chart below. The purple line to the left is where the price of the stock or ETF has been. The line turns blue for the first part of the chart that projects the future of this stock.

The forecast indicates this particular stock is likely to move sideways for a while and then drop significantly before rallying back to be about flat where it is today.

By all appearances, after the current run up, this looks like a sell. It could be an opportunity to go short, if you’re the type of investor that likes fast wins by shorting a stock. And then it looks like there's an opportunity to play a potential bounce. And remember, you’ll have the help of Turner Analytics’ proprietary stop-loss, so it can protect you, while locking in your gains whether you go long or short.

Imagine having the power to look into the future like this — for any stock or ETF you want to trade. There would be few limits on how much you could make.

Give yourself the freedom to dream as big as you want. It’s within your grasp. If you’ve wanted to live in the kind of home you see in the magazines… drive a high-end sports car… earn a seven-figure net worth… have a beach-house… go on a world cruise… sip wine on the French Riviera…

All of these are possible, when you can read the market’s future. It’s the next best thing to having the next three months of The Wall Street Journal… in advance.

But don’t take my word for it. I’d rather you experience this for yourself, at no risk. I’d like you to…

Claim Your 90-Day Test Drive Of
Turner Analytics

Finally, any uncertainty you might have about your trading will simply fall away. Because based on my tested and proven mathematic formulas…

You’ll know which stocks you can cherry-pick to rapidly build a fortune, with a high degree of probability.

You’ll never fear not knowing what to invest in, ever again. Even (Especially!) in a down market.

Here’s everything you get in your 100% risk-free 90-day test drive of Turner Analytics:

  • Turner Analytics… Made up of the strongest wealth-building tools available today: Market Forecasting, Equity Analysis and Trade-Timing, and Equity Forecasting. This tool gives you the power to generate wealth like a Wall Street stock baron.
  • Comprehensive Stock Database… You have virtually no limitations on stocks to play, as Turner Analytics scrutinizes 5,336 stocks and ETFs in the Equity Analyzer database. You get updated information every 15 minutes throughout the day, with end-of-week analysis after the noise is taken out of the market on what any investment-grade publically traded stock or ETF is doing — and how it can build your wealth.
  • Turner Analytics’ Top 100 Stocks… A fast and simple way to get started, these are the hottest stocks right now. Plus, you’ll get…
  • Your Custom Risk-Eliminating Strategy… Turner Analytics’ proprietary stop-loss is designed to tell the difference between normal volatility temporarily making your stock drop — or whether it’s taking an actual dive, and you need to get out. No more expensive “nuisance stops.” And your winnings are safely locked in.
  • Weekly Updates… you’ll never invest alone as a member of Turner Analytics. I keep in touch with you, every week, with the latest research and market analysis. You’ll get critical intelligence on where all 5,336 stocks are… and where they’re going… so you can stay in lockstep with the brightest and best on Wall Street.
  • V.I.P. Access To Our Private Website… where you’ll find all the tools, training videos, market commentary, and Turner Analytics unique outlook on the markets. These insights alone are worth the price of admission.
  • Turner Analytics Proprietary Stock Rating Tool... In case you have a stock to research, Turner Analytics has a high-powered bank of back-end computers that will push it through my rigorous formulas, and rank it for you.

Truly, Turner Analytics holds the key to unlocking whatever financial dreams you’ve ever had. There is virtually no financial goal you can’t achieve with Turner Analytics.

My only question for you is…

How Much Is It Worth To You To Be Able
To Finally Achieve Your Dreams?

Some people pay way too much money to make money.

For example,

Joining an exclusive Hedge Fund may cost you $100,000 for your initiation fee… and 10% commission on your wins.

Yet Turner Analytics tied or beat each of Barron’s top five Hedge Funds 3-year compound annual return.


Using private trading rooms, led by big-name gurus, can cost upwards of $10,000 a month… and you usually have to know someone to get in.

Yet, you’d be hard pressed to match the returns you’d routinely rake in from Turner Analytics.


High-end “trading signal” services… led by more washed-up gurus… can cost you $5,000 a month.

Once again, using any of these, you’d be lucky to come even remotely close to Turner Analytics’s returns.


Exclusive newsletters and trading advisories can run $5,000 a year.

But how many of those can boast a total 204% average return — both winners and losers combined — since the crash… on both long and short trades? I haven’t seen any. And believe me, as a publisher, I know newsletters and trading advisories backwards and forwards.


Knowing that Turner Analytics ties or beats each of the above, you may think that I charge a fortune to be a member and perhaps I should! Yet nothing could be further from the truth.

"My annual subscription for Turner Analytics was paid for 20 times over in my first trade using knowledge from Mike Turner. Mike Turner’s expert market analysis and unique perspective has helped me take my trading skills to a new level. I truly enjoy Mike Turner’s newsletters and videos on the market and always read/view them at least twice. I recommend Turner Analytics and Mike Turner to anybody serious about making money in the market."

—Douglas B, Subscriber
since February 2012

Because if you are willing to act within the next 24 hours, you can get everything I promised…

…starting with Turner Analytics: Three of the strongest wealth-building tools available today… the Market Forecaster, the Equity Analyzer, and the Equity Forecaster… my Top 100 picks, updated every week… access to my white-hot screening tool and its database of 5,336 stocks and ETFs… and V.I.P Access to Turner Analytics private website.

A bundle well worth the $5,000 a year any high-end advisory charges…

Yet for the next 24 hours, you only pay a generously discounted $199 for one full quarter of Turner Analytics.

Or for an even better deal — you can subscribe to an entire year for only $699.

But I only guarantee this absurdly low rate for the next 24 hours. So lock in this price now:




Or There Is An Alternative…

You can pass on this, the most generous offer I’ve ever made.

You can continue to sit on the sidelines in fear, as taxes and inflation eat up your nest egg. You can worry about every penny you could lose… and every opportunity you will lose, when the market rebounds after the dip.

You can fear outliving your money. Having to choose someday between being dependent on your kids — or the government — or of being broke and alone.

But for anyone over 40, living in fear is a one-way ticket to the poorhouse, as growing taxes, a shrinking dollar, and medical bills eat away at your savings.

Instead, you can take a 90-day test drive, a no-risk trial membership, where you can join our community of successful investors at Turner Analytics, who are making money in this market… and have consistently made money during every up and down market since we got started eight years ago .

But even still…

In Case You Have Any Doubts…
Here’s My Zero-Risk “Double Guarantee”

I’m going to remove all risk from you, and take it on my shoulders. I’m going to make sure you are protected with my unique Zero-Risk Double Guarantee.

Guarantee #1 — Double-Digit Growth :

Claim your 90-Day test drive to Turner Analytics. Track your earnings. Make sure they are on target for double or triple-digit gains.

Don’t decide now. Don’t even worry about making your decision until midnight of the 29th day…

…because you MUST be COMPLETELY DELIGHTED with the investments I give you. Or I will RUSH you an immediate full refund. Every cent.

No questions asked. No worries.

And we’ll still be friends.

But we’re not finished yet. Because on top of Guarantee #1, you also get…

Guarantee #2 — 100% Satisfaction:

You must agree Turner Analytics meets or exceeds your expectations in every way. You MUST be 100% satisfied with your membership. If for any reason — any reason at all — you wish to cancel after your first 30 days, I will INSIST you accept an immediate refund for the unused portion of your membership.

You can even say the dog ate it. Your “reason why” isn’t the issue… your satisfaction is.

And no matter what, you get to keep all of your wins, any website downloads, and any bonuses — with my compliments.

This means you are double protected. You have no risk. There is nothing to lose.

So please don’t hesitate — not even for a second. Join Turner Analytics now, before this offer times out.

But There Is A Catch…

Remember earlier, I said this offer was only open for 24 hours? At midnight tomorrow night, the window slams shut…

And this enormous savings will be gone.

Please, I urge you… don’t get shut out. Because when you add up everything you’re getting…

PLUS the gains you’ll make during this stop/start economy — without worries or fear…

PLUS the soaring wins you’ll make when you’re in the market early during its rebounds…

PLUS the fact that you’ve got an Iron-Clad guarantee…

PLUS the fact I’ve deeply discounted this as a way to introduce you to a million-dollar method, for under a buck and a half a day…

I think you‘ll agree — this is an offer you can’t afford to miss.

But the clock’s ticking. Midnight comes fast. But there’s no reason not to give it a try, when it’s completely risk-free.

Claim your 90-Day test drive now, while there is still time!

Mike Turner
Editor, Signal Investor

P.S. Please — six months from now, I don’t want you beating yourself up, knowing what could have been. Click here to get your Test Drive NOW, so we can begin paving your path to wealth.





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