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12:15 el 06 abril 2009

Executive Pay at Motorola

There is a great article in today's NY Times on exec pay. It shows the top 200 exec packages for 2008, broken down ny salary, bonus, stock grants, stock options and other perks. To my amazement the top compensation package goes to Sanjay Jha, the co-CEO of Motorola who earned over $104 Million. His other co-CEO, Greg Brown. is 12th on the list with $24M. This makes the CEO job at Motorola the best paid top post on the planet, $44M more than Larry Ellison made last year. I don't have a problem with Larry's deal as Oracle is still performing relatively well, or at least did last year. But Motorola saw a 17% drop in revenue in 2008 and lost $4 Billion! So make sure your funds don't invest in Motorola as there is clearly no linking of exec pay to company performance....
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