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17:44 el 04 febrero 2009

maybe a good time to buy US stocks

The investment oracle, Mr Warren Buffett uses an interesting ratio to determine if it´s a good time to buy stocks. He compares the total market value of all US stocks with the GNP. If the market value is between 70% to 80%, then it's time to buy. An article in CNN Money displays an interesting historical graph on this. Of course metrics are just indicators and if you invested now you could still lose a lot of cash in the short term. But if Warren Buffett says it's time to invest...well that's good enough for me!
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No doubt. I prefer to jump the train where Buffett is travelling more than any other investors train in the world. And, as an European investor, I think the euro will continue to weaken during the next months, so the real return will be even higher.
Warren Buffett is one of most successful investors in the world with value investing philosophy but from the moment that he decided to be a philanthropist donating his own money he does not care the money like a few years ago. Note: it is not easy to write a note in english because in the blog I can not use many characters very used in english
I agree he probably cares a little less at 80 years old than he did at 50 years old. However keep in mind that he has used this particular ratio for years now, it is not something he recently started putting into practice. And I put some feedback into Unience to fix the problem with the punctuation in the mini blogs thx
Very interesting. Gastador, could you please put the CNN article´s URL?. Thanks

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maybe a good time to buy US stocks
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