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16:22 el 24 abril 2009

SaaS stocks shooting upwards

$CRM hits 40! I may be able to sell those options after all. $N with nice 6% gain today as well, go SaaS!!
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Hy Mark, could you explain in plain English what SaaS is about? Maybe a lot of people don´t know about it
Good idea Kaloxa. SaaS stands for Software-as-a-Service which is commonly referred to as Could Computing these days. Unience is an example of a SaaS model as there is no installation or setup necessary on the users end. They simply connect to Unience via the internet and use our service when they want, just like any utility i.e. gas, electric..etc. Unience handles all the maintenance and upgrades so the users can just concentrate on their portfolios instead of being IT administrators. and NetSuite were pioneers in this industry and as we can see from their favorable valuations, Wall Street is very fond of this model. Watch out for these companies in the future. Ticker symbols CRM and N on the NYSE.

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