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Ángel Martín Oro  

a_martinoro (71st) 

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13:44 on July 17 2013

Economista. Director del Informe España de UFM Market Trends-Instituto Juan de Mariana.

Las dos fuerzas que moverán el mundo económico

Dejo una cita para la reflexión:

There are two powerful, yet opposing forces which are likely to drive the global economy going forward. The first is significant over-indebtedness in the developed world continuing to weigh on economic growth, despite what the Paul Krugmans of the world would have you believe. The second is extraordinary technological change which has the potential to propel future economic growth. Which of these forces will have the greater impact in the long-term?

Fuente: este fantástico artículo.


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Muy buen artículo el que enlazas. Gracias!

Un sobreendeudamiento propongado no puede llevar a un crecimiento. Un ejemplo, la actual situación española.


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