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00:18 el 08 septiembre 2016

Women on Trading

In a traditionally male world, every time is more frequent finding women on trading.In a traditionally male world, every time is more frequent finding women on trading. But Why? Why women are better than men on trading? Is discipline on genes? Maybe it is or maybe not, but it is clear that inside women’s personality, discipline is rooted by nature, at least according to what I have noticed, that is why that when women get into trading they have less problems in following rules. She is able to control the situation, she does not lose her senses in front of situations in which men by general rule we get nervous y lose composure. So it is also studied, I am not discovering anything. In the two previous qualities, I have mentioned the innate qualities on women, an we could say they can take part of them for being women, but it is intersting how women on trading tend to not over operating. 
Maybe, because they adjust themselves to the rules, and they are able to follow them, they make less mistakes and they do not take unnecessary risks, therefore they make less operations than men which means a higher rate of success among women on Trading. 
the facts speak for themselves, women on Trading are better than men.

Here below I leave proof of this, it seems to them.

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Women on Trading
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