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16:17 on September 24 2012

Value-based investment philosophy


The investment philosophy that SKAGEN and Kristoffer Stensrud have had such success with is value based; that is it differentiates between the price of an asset and the intrinsic value. SKAGEN’s portfolio managers seek individual companies that guarantee quality in the long term, but which due to the stock market’s short-termism can currently be bought at a low price. These companies should be characterised by being undervalued, under-researched and unpopular. Common sense and simplicity – understanding the companies one invests in – are key factors. 
The view is that it is in companies – and not in sectors or regions – that the value creation takes place. It is impossible to predict when stock exchanges will peak or bottom out, but companies should be competitive, have a fundamental growth potential or a unique resource base. These well-managed and profitable companies are occasionally misunderstood by the market which thereby creates the discrepancy between price and value. Kristoffer Stensrud reiterates that the focus is to find companies that are wrongly priced in the markets. 
It is therefore important to follow each company thoroughly and still retain a distance from the market as a whole. The very fact of being located in Stavanger, far from the world’s financial centres has previously been a success factor. 
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