RV Europa Cap. Grande Blend

ODEY European Allegra

Odey Allegra European GBP D Inc | IE00B2R80S81

Odey Asset Management LLP

28 Apr, 2017


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Comisión de gestión

Ratio total de gastos

Participación mínima

Odey Allegra European C I EUR Acc (IE00BLSP5Z32)31,14M EUR100,72 EUR0,85%0,00%1.000.000 EUR
Odey Allegra European EUR I Acc (IE00B046JW80)0,28M EUR240,83 EUR1,00%0,00%1.000.000 EUR
Odey Allegra European EUR O Acc (IE00B04YBL58)0,29M EUR254,29 EUR0,70%0,00%1.000.000 EUR
Odey Allegra European Fund AI EUR Class (IE00B503G166)1,26M EUR154,47 EUR1,00%0,00%1.000.000 EUR
Odey Allegra European GBP D Inc (IE00B2R80S81)0,25M GBP184,91 GBP0,70%0,00%1.000.000 GBP
ODEY European Allegra A Class EUR Inc (IE00B4ZX4214)0,28M EUR152,96 EUR0,70%0,00%1.000.000 EUR
ODEY European Allegra EUR B I (IE00BF8HVC67)0,03M EUR107,70 EUR0,70%0,00%1.000.000 EUR
ODEY European Allegra Euro B R Class (IE00BF8HVD74)0,23M EUR106,96 EUR1,20%0,00%1.000.000 EUR
Odey European Allegra GBP O Acc (IE00B046NX75)0,26M GBP307,54 GBP0,70%0,00%1.000.000 GBP
Odey European Allegra US Dollar B I (IE00BJFLGC48)0,02M USD84,81 USD0,70%0,00%1.000.000 USD
Odey European Allegra USD O Acc (IE00B046JZ12)0,53M USD213,17 USD0,70%0,00%1.000.000 USD


This fund seeks to achieve long term capital appreciation through investing predominantly in European equity and European equity related securities. It will at all times invest at least two-thirds of its net assets in issuers having their registered offices in Europe or carrying out the predominant part of their economic activities in Europe. The fund may also invest up to 35% of its Net Asset Value in fixed and/or floating rate bonds issued by governments with a rating at least A2\P2 from Standard & Poor’s/Moody's, respectively. It may invest up to 5%, in aggregate, of its Net Asset Value in UCITS and/or non-UCITS regulated collective investment schemes which may be domiciled in Europe, and which invest in the securities described above and which are listed or traded on one or more Recognised Exchanges in Europe.


ComisiónValorFórmula de cálculo
Management Fee0,70%PERCENT
On Going Charge0,87%PERCENT




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