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Nemesis Global Equity Alpha Fund

Nemesis Global Equity Alpha Fund GBP Investor Acc | IE00B5016878

Nemesis Asset Management

02 Sep, 2016


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Nemesis Global Equity Alpha Fund EUR Advisor Acc (IE00B4Y9ZR27)0,22M EUR114,77 EUR1,50%0,00%10.000 EUR
Nemesis Global Equity Alpha Fund EUR Investor Acc (IE00B4T7LS40)0,03M EUR108,63 EUR1,50%0,00%1.000 EUR
Nemesis Global Equity Alpha Fund GBP Advisor Acc (IE00B50NWL83)0,21M GBP115,98 GBP1,50%0,00%11.559 GBP
Nemesis Global Equity Alpha Fund GBP Inst Acc (IE00B4Y98X91)22,03M GBP119,84 GBP1,00%0,00%2.968.247 GBP
Nemesis Global Equity Alpha Fund GBP Investor Acc (IE00B5016878)0,02M GBP110,29 GBP1,50%0,00%1.155 GBP
Nemesis Global Equity Alpha Fund US Advisor Acc (IE00B5506Y58)0,07M USD117,18 USD1,50%0,00%8.898 USD
Nemesis Global Equity Alpha Fund US Investor Acc (IE00B4ZGD230)0,12M USD111,96 USD1,50%0,00%925 USD

Estrategia Nemesis Global Equity Alpha Fund

The Portfolio’s overall investment objective is to provide long-term capital appreciation. The Portfolio will seek to achieve this objective by investing directly and indirectly in a global portfolio of at least 50 common stocks which are listed/traded on Recognised Markets in Europe, North America, South America, the Middle East and the Asia Pacific region, including in Emerging Market Countries. The Portfolio will also invest in a number of volatility instruments, including FDI, exchange traded notes and other collective investment schemes, with the objective of reducing the volatility of returns as well as to hedge the equity beta of the Portfolio. The Portfolio may invest more than 20% of its Net Asset Value in other collective investment schemes. The Portfolio is expected to have medium volatility but there can be no assurance that this expected level will be achieved or that the actual annual volatility of the Portfolio will not be in excess of or less than the expected level.

El fondo Nemesis Global Equity Alpha Fund, con ISIN, IE00B5016878 de la gestora Nemesis Asset Management se sitúa en la posición entre los 51 fondos de la categoría RV Global - Moneda Cubierta a 12 meses. Su rentabilidad a este plazo es del 0,00% con una volatilidad del 0,00%. El patrimonio del fondo asciende a 450.645 GBP a fecha de 22 de November de 2017.

Comisiones Nemesis Global Equity Alpha Fund

ComisiónValorFórmula de cálculo
Management Fee1,50%PERCENT
On Going Charge3,16%PERCENT


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