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Marshall Wace Funds PLC - MW TOPS Fund

Marshall Wace Funds PLC - MW TOPS Fund A GBP | IE00B608Y257

Marshall Wace Asset Management Ltd

30 Sep, 2017


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Marshall Wace Funds PLC - MW TOPS Fund A EUR (IE00B63FM638)0,00M EUR255,23 EUR2,00%0,00%100.000 EUR
Marshall Wace Funds PLC - MW TOPS Fund A GBP (IE00B608Y257)0,00M GBP202,63 GBP2,00%0,00%113.992 GBP
Marshall Wace Funds PLC - MW TOPS Fund A USD (IE00B64DFP60)0,00M USD267,57 USD2,00%0,00%100.000 USD

Estrategia Marshall Wace Funds PLC - MW TOPS Fund

The investment objective of the Fund is to provide investors with consistent absolute returns primarily through investing andtrading in equities of companies incorporated or whose principal operations are in Europe (including Eastern Europe). Marshall Wace believes that investment advice received from the brokerage community, if systematically monitored and analysed, can be combined into a diversified portfolio with attractive risk-reward characteristics. TheFund’s assets will be used to trade the investment ideas of contributing salespeople, strategists, economists and local brokers selected by algorithmic models developed by Marshall Wace to exploit this opportunity. MW TOPS is a framework of proprietary database and optimisation systems used to create portfolios which combine high conviction with broad diversifiation and exceptional risk characteristics: low downside deviation, highly liquid portfolios, structural diversification, limited use of leverage.

El fondo Marshall Wace Funds PLC - MW TOPS Fund, con ISIN, IE00B608Y257 de la gestora Marshall Wace Asset Management Ltd se sitúa en la posición entre los 56 fondos de la categoría Alt - Long/Short RV Europa a 12 meses. Su rentabilidad a este plazo es del 0,00% con una volatilidad del 0,00%. El patrimonio del fondo asciende a 0 GBP a fecha de 18 de November de 2017.

Comisiones Marshall Wace Funds PLC - MW TOPS Fund

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Management Fee2,00%PERCENT


Anthony Clake


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