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Baring Global Mining Fund

Baring Global Mining Fund - Class A GBP Inc | IE00B704RW18

Baring International Fund Mgrs (Ireland)

22 Sep, 2017


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Baring Global Mining Fund - Class A GBP Inc (IE00B704RW18)4,88M GBP6,17 GBP1,50%2,30%2.709 GBP
Baring Global Mining Fund - Class A USD Acc (IE00B55BZX02)0,03M USD5,36 USD1,50%2,30%4.205 USD
Baring Global Mining Fund - Class I GBP Inc (IE00B70FL999)0,43M GBP6,26 GBP0,75%1,55%10.838.068 GBP
Baring Global Mining Fund - Class I USD Acc (IE00B6WXWS07)0,00M USD7,16 USD0,75%1,55%8.767.700 USD
Baring Global Mining Fund - Class X USD Acc (IE00B6T5VJ38)3,43M USD5,73 USD0,00%0,80%4.205 USD


The Fund will seek to identify investments through the use of top-down asset allocation, based on major economic and political factors rather than the specific circumstances of an individual company, and bottom-up stock selection, based on analysing the profitability, cash flow, earnings and pricing power of companies to determine their attractiveness as investments. Qualitative and quantitative research is undertaken to identify those companies, industries and countries that the Investment Manager expects to produce above average investment performance. The Fund will seek to achieve its investment objective by investing at least 70% of its total assets at any one time in equities and equity-related securities, of companies worldwide engaged in the exploration, development and production of base metals, gold or other precious metals or mineral mining and of companies engaged in enabling mining technologies. For this purpose, total assets exclude cash and ancillary liquidities.


ComisiónValorFórmula de cálculo
Management Fee1,50%PERCENT
On Going Charge1,95%PERCENT
Total Expense Ratio2,30%PERCENT


Clive Burstow



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