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Mosaic Trading

Mosaic Trading HJ CHF | LU0213918831

Pictet Asset Management (Europe) SA

31 May, 2018


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Comisión de gestión

Ratio total de gastos

Participación mínima

Mosaic Trading HP EUR (LU1054911315)0,12M EUR75,56 EUR1,50%1,71%0 EUR
Mosaic Trading HP CHF (LU1054906661)1,25M CHF101,54 CHF1,50%1,72%9.254 CHF
Mosaic Trading P USD (LU1054895369)2,57M USD101,89 USD1,50%1,67%8.564 USD
Mosaic Trading HI CHF (LU0211630826)52,13M CHF102,17 CHF2,00%1,57%925.420 CHF
Mosaic Trading HI EUR (LU0211631048)51,99M EUR76,01 EUR2,00%1,57%0 EUR
Mosaic Trading HI GBP (LU0368629985)0,74M GBP96,80 GBP2,00%1,58%1.177.790 GBP
Mosaic Trading HJ CHF (LU0213918831)8,55M CHF105,97 CHF1,50%1,28%9.254.209 CHF
Mosaic Trading HJ EUR (LU0213919052)5,10M EUR78,82 EUR1,50%1,28%0 EUR
Mosaic Trading HJ GBP (LU0368629639)0,01M GBP99,66 GBP1,50%1,28%11.777.905 GBP
Mosaic Trading I USD (LU0211630669)60,23M USD102,50 USD2,00%1,52%856.490 USD
Mosaic Trading J USD (LU0213918674)11,98M USD106,29 USD1,50%1,23%8.564.900 USD
Mosaic Trading HR GBP (LU0368630058)0,03M GBP91,55 GBP2,50%2,23%11.777 GBP
Mosaic Trading HR CHF (LU0213919995)0,22M CHF95,51 CHF2,50%2,23%9.254 CHF
Mosaic Trading HR EUR (LU0213920498)3,93M EUR70,55 EUR2,50%2,23%0 EUR
Mosaic Trading R USD (LU0213919649)7,37M USD95,13 USD2,50%2,18%8.564 USD
Mosaic Trading HZ EUR (LU0306261339)0,01M EUR81,80 EUR0,00%0,27%0 EUR
Mosaic Trading Z USD (LU0306260281)1,90M USD117,23 USD0,00%0,22%8.564 USD

Estrategia Mosaic Trading

Mosaic Trading is a multi-strategy fund of hedge funds whose investment objective is to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns with limited correlation to traditional asset classes . The Fund's assets are allocated to a selective list of hedge fund managers so as to achieve a high degree of concentration. The underlying hedge funds are selected from all the following strategies defined as global macro,fixed income arbitrage, convertible arbitrage, credit long/short, multi strategy, commodity trading advisors, and event driven strategies including merger arbitrage, distressed, and special situations. Mosaic Trading maintains a diversified portfolio across strategies and follows a tactical styleallocation. Mosaic Trading does not use any leverage and targets a performance of LIBOR +400 - 600bps per year with a volatility of 5 - 7%.

Información sobre el fondo de inversión Mosaic Trading

El fondo Mosaic Trading, con ISIN, LU0213918831 de la gestora Pictet Asset Management (Europe) SA se sitúa en la posición entre los 91 fondos de la categoría Alt - Fondo de Fondos - Multiestrategia a 12 meses. Su rentabilidad a este plazo es del 0,00% con una volatilidad del 0,00%. Los gastos corrientes del fondo representan un 1,26% del patrimonio del fondo, que asciende a 207.937.865 CHF a fecha de 21 de July de 2018.

Comisiones Mosaic Trading

ComisiónValorFórmula de cálculo
Custodian Fee0,10%PERCENT
Management Fee1,50%PERCENT
On Going Charge1,26%PERCENT
Total Expense Ratio1,28%PERCENT


Vincent Cadet

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