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NS Section SICAV SIF Capitrade CTA

NS Selection SICAV SIF Capitrade CTA USD | LU0795245579

Notz, Stucki Europe SA

17 Mar, 2017


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NS Selection SICAV SIF Capitrade CTA EUR (LU0795245223)20,81M EUR92,59 EUR2,00%0,00%50.000 EUR


The Principal objective of the Fund is to achieve capital appreciation and minimise volatility. Current income through the receipt of interest or dividends is only a secondary objective. To achieve its objectives, the Fund can invest its assets either in other funds of recognised standing or in discretionary securities investment accounts managed primarily by independent investment managers*. The Fund makes such investments on the basis of its assessment of the ability of the investment managers managing such funds or accounts. The Fund invests worldwide. Presently, the Fund invests all of its assets into a sister fund called Haussmann Holdings NV ("Haussmann") whose Investment Committee works in parallel with the Fund's Investment Committee and which has a similar investment mandate to that of the Fund. The Fund itself does not generally engage in hedging or leveraging operations with respect to its own assets, and to the extent that the Fund’s assets are not fully invested in other funds discretionary accounts, or directly in securities, they will be invested principally in short term bank deposits with banks of high investment grade, U.S. Treasury bills, or the equivalent issued by other governments. Many of the investment managers with whom the Fund invests, however, utilize “hedging” and “leveraging” techniques. Such techniques may include the making of “short” and “long” sales, the borrowing of securities and borrowing on margin. Whilst the use of hedging techniques may reduce the potential loss resulting from a general market decline, their use may tend to a maximum capital growth in times of a general market rise. Conversely, the use of leveraging techniques may increase the volatility of the Fund’s net asset value. Investment managers may purchase and sell puts, calls and other option instruments to supplement their hedging and leveraging activities. In addition, investment managers may invest in various commodities futures contracts and engage in foreign exchange arbitrage.


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Management Fee2,00%PERCENT


Notz Stucki



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