RV USA Cap. Grande Blend

CS (Lux) USA ILC Equity

Credit Suisse (Lux) USA ILC Equity Fund Class EB USD Acc | LU1080326934

Credit Suisse Fund Management S.A.

29 Nov, 2016


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Comisión de gestión

Ratio total de gastos

Participación mínima

Credit Suisse (Lux) USA ILC Equity Fund Class DB USD Acc (LU1091116787)0,26M USD978,70 USD0,10%0,09%1 USD
Credit Suisse (Lux) USA ILC Equity Fund Class EB USD Acc (LU1080326934)0,23M USD1.047,08 USD0,70%0,72%0 USD
Credit Suisse (Lux) USA ILC Equity Fund UB USD (LU1138699845)1,72M USD10,38 USD0,95%1,22%0 USD
CS (Lux) USA ILC Equity Fund B USD Acc (LU1091116357)6,46M USD10,21 USD1,92%1,87%0 USD


The objective of the Subfund is to achieve the highest possible return in US dollars (Reference Currency), while taking due account of the principle of risk diversification, the security of the capital invested, and the liquidity of the assets. The investment process is driven by a proprietary bottom-up methodology for the stock selection based on the Industrial Life Cycle (ILC) process powered by Credit Suisse HOLTTM. The ILC process segments the universe of investable companies according to their life cycle stage and evaluates them accordingly. While stock selection is supported by Credit Suisse HOLTTM the final investment decision remains with the Investment Manager.


ComisiónValorFórmula de cálculo
Custodian Fee0,06%PERCENT
Management Fee0,70%PERCENT
On Going Charge0,72%PERCENT
Total Expense Ratio0,72%PERCENT


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