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DB Platinum IV- MW Helium

DB Platinum IV MW Helium I1C-E | LU1206295732

Deutsche Asset Management S.A.

23 Dec, 2016


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Participación mínima

DB Platinum IV MW Helium I1C-E (LU1206295732)0,05M EUR84,22 EUR1,50%1,65%100 EUR
DB Platinum IV MW Helium I1C-U (LU1206295815)1,70M USD85,41 USD1,50%1,64%100 USD
DB Platinum IV MW Helium R1C-E (LU1206295062)0,04M EUR8.341,63 EUR2,21%2,41%0 EUR
DB Platinum IV MW Helium R1C-U (LU1206295229)0,01M USD8.458,64 USD2,21%2,40%0 USD


The investment objective of the Sub-Fund (the “Investment Objective”) is to achieve long-term capital appreciation through compound growth by gaining exposure to a portfolio of futures and forwards contracts in a wide range of international markets and providing exposure to various asset classes including commodities, equity indices, bonds, short-term interest rates and currencies, employing a computer-based trading system. The system tracks the daily price movements in relevant markets and carries out certain computations to capture medium to long term macro-economic trends within a risk controlled framework by employing various algorithms. The output of the process is a portfolio of financial contracts, which will be rebalanced to minimise market impact and slippage (the “Investment Strategy”). Further information is contained in the section “Further Information about the Investment Strategy and Marshall Wace LLP” below.


ComisiónValorFórmula de cálculo
Front Load0,00%PERCENT
Management Fee1,50%PERCENT
On Going Charge1,66%PERCENT
Redemption Fee0,00%PERCENT
Total Expense Ratio1,65%PERCENT


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