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DB Platinum MCP Terra Grove Pan Asia

DB Platinum MCP Terra Grove Pan Asia I3C-E | LU1283665120

Deutsche Asset Management S.A.

18 Oct, 2017


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Comisión de gestión

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Participación mínima

DB Platinum MCP Terra Grove Pan Asia I1C-E (LU1283664230)0,01M EUR97,24 EUR1,64%1,79%0 EUR
DB Platinum MCP Terra Grove Pan Asia I3C-E (LU1283665120)1,81M EUR100,67 EUR1,14%1,28%0 EUR
DB Platinum MCP Terra Grove Pan Asia I3C-U (LU1283665393)8,58M USD101,33 USD1,14%1,28%500.000 USD
DB Platinum MCP Terra Grove Pan Asia R1C-E (LU1283663851)0,01M EUR9.512,54 EUR2,35%2,53%0 EUR


The Investment Objective of the Sub-Fund is to seek capital appreciation by generating consistent absolute returns with a relatively high Sharpe ratio and low drawdowns over the long term. To achieve the Investment Objective, MCP Asset Management Company Limited (the “Investment Manager”) will make use of self-developed trading models to predominantly trade in Pan-Asian equity markets including, but not limited to, the markets of Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, Korea and Taiwan. Utilising these models the Investment Manager intends to take long and short positions, predominantly in the shares of a large number of publicly traded companies. Prospective investors should note that the Investment Strategy requires frequent rebalancing of the positions in the portfolio which may result in relatively high transaction costs.


ComisiónValorFórmula de cálculo
Defer Load0,00%PERCENT
Front Load0,00%PERCENT
Management Fee1,14%PERCENT
On Going Charge1,31%PERCENT
Redemption Fee0,00%PERCENT
Total Expense Ratio1,28%PERCENT


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Factsheet Institutional (Sep 29, 2017) Oct 21, 2017
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AnnualReport (Jan 31, 2017) Oct 17, 2017