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Bellevue (Lux) BB Entrepreneur Swtzl

Bellevue Funds (Lux) BB Entrepreneur Switzerland B EUR | LU1477743899

MDO Management Company S.A.

21 Sep, 2017


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Bellevue Funds (Lux) BB Entrepreneur Switzerland B CHF (LU1477743543)0,00M CHF149,37 CHF1,60%0,00%0 CHF
Bellevue Funds (Lux) BB Entrepreneur Switzerland B EUR (LU1477743899)0,00M EUR139,12 EUR1,60%0,00%0 EUR
Bellevue Funds (Lux) BB Entrepreneur Switzerland I CHF (LU1477743469)0,00M CHF150,26 CHF0,90%0,00%0 CHF
Bellevue Funds (Lux) BB Entrepreneur Switzerland I EUR (LU1477743626)0,00M EUR139,97 EUR0,90%0,00%0 EUR


The investment objective of BB Entrepreneur Switzerland is to achieve long-term capital growth by investing at least two thirds of the net assets of BB Entrepreneur Switzerland in a portfolio of carefully chosen shares and other equity securities of companies that either (i) have their registered office in Switzerland (ii) have their registered office outside of Switzerland but carry out the majority of their economic activity Switzerland or (iii) are holding companies that mainly hold investments in companies whose registered office is in Switzerland and which are mainly managed by the owners. The universe for owner-managed companies is determined as follows: - One or more shareholders have significant shareholdings (at least 20%) and have a decisive influence on the corporate policy. - Listing on an established exchange or within a new issue at the relevant exchange at which the exchange listing was applied for.


ComisiónValorFórmula de cálculo
Front Load5,00%PERCENT
Management Fee1,60%PERCENT
On Going Charge2,28%PERCENT
Redemption Fee0,00%PERCENT




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