RF Diversificada Corto Plazo USD

PrivilEdge Baird US Sh Dr Bd

PrivilEdge Baird US Short Duration Bond M USD UH Cap | LU1511578152

Lombard Odier Funds (Europe) SA

19 Sep, 2017


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PrivilEdge Baird US Short Duration Bond M EUR Syst Hedged Cap (LU1511579473)3,36M EUR9,89 EUR0,60%0,00%3.000 EUR
PrivilEdge Baird US Short Duration Bond M GBP Syst Hedged Cap (LU1511581883)0,26M GBP9,97 GBP0,60%0,00%3.000 GBP
PrivilEdge Baird US Short Duration Bond M USD UH Cap (LU1511578152)20,24M USD10,05 USD0,60%0,00%3.000 USD
PrivilEdge Baird US Short Duration Bond N USD UH Cap (LU1511578319)1,71M USD10,07 USD0,50%0,00%1.000.000 USD
PrivilEdge Baird US Short Duration Bond P USD UH Cap (LU1511578582)6,80M USD10,02 USD0,60%0,00%3.000 USD


The Sub-Fund’s objective is to seek an annual rate of total return, before fund expenses, greater than the annual rate of total return of the Barclays 1-3 Year U.S. Government/Credit Bond Index (the "Benchmark Index"). The Investment Manager will attempt to keep the duration of the Sub-Fund’s portfolio substantially equal to the one of the Benchmark Index. The dollar-weighted average portfolio effective maturity of the Sub-Fund will normally be more than one year but less than three years during normal market conditions. The Investment Manager invests at least 80% of its net assets in the following types of U.S. dollar-denominated debt obligations: • U.S. government and other public-sector entities; and/or • asset-backed and mortgage-backed obligations of U.S. and foreign issuers; and/or • corporate debt of U.S. and foreign issuers.


ComisiónValorFórmula de cálculo
Management Fee0,60%PERCENT
On Going Charge0,90%PERCENT




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