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Aberdeen Global Multi Asset Income Fund

CLASE I-1 USD Inc | LU1124235752

Aberdeen Global Services SA

20 Oct, 2017


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Comisión de gestión

Ratio total de gastos

Participación mínima

CLASE A-1 EUR (LU1239090977)9,51M EUR10,32 EUR1,20%1,61%0 EUR
CLASE A-1 USD Inc (LU1124234862)1,95M USD10,13 USD1,20%1,55%1.268 USD
CLASE E-1 EUR Inc (LU1124235240)5,94M EUR9,38 EUR1,20%1,55%0 EUR
CLASE H-1 EUR Inc (LU1124235596)0,01M EUR9,52 EUR0,60%0,91%0 EUR
CLASE I-1 USD Inc (LU1124235752)11,64M USD10,28 USD0,60%0,91%845.880 USD
CLASE I-1 EUR (LU1278887523)3,52M EUR10,44 EUR0,60%0,97%0 EUR
Aberdeen Global - Multi Asset Income Fund A-2 EUR Acc (LU1646954765)0,58M EUR10,07 EUR1,20%0,00%0 EUR


The Fund’s investment objective is to achieve income combined with capital growth by investing in worldwide Transferable Securities including, but not limited to, equity and equity-related securities, Investment Grade and Sub-Investment Grade Debt and Debt-Related Securities issued by governments, government-related bodies, corporations or multilateral development banks, cash, deposits and money market instruments directly or indirectly through the use of UCITS or other UCIs. The Fund is a global fund insofar as its investments are not confined to or concentrated in any particular geographic region or market. The Fund may have exposure to currencies other than the Base Currency of up to 100% of its Net Asset Value.


ComisiónValorFórmula de cálculo
Management Fee0,60%PERCENT
On Going Charge0,93%PERCENT
Total Expense Ratio0,91%PERCENT




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Factsheet Institutional (Aug 31, 2017) Sep 21, 2017
Key Investor Information Document (KIID) (Jul 24, 2017) Aug 04, 2017
Prospectus (Jul 01, 2017) Oct 06, 2017
SemiannualReport (Mar 31, 2017) Sep 29, 2017
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Rulebook (Jun 14, 2011) Oct 14, 2017