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Generali IS SRI Ageing Population

Generali Investments Sicav SRI Ageing Population BX EUR Acc | LU1234787205

Generali Investments Luxembourg SA

16 Oct, 2017


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Generali Investments Sicav SRI Ageing Population BX EUR Acc (LU1234787205)10,26M EUR119,23 EUR0,75%0,95%100.000 EUR
Generali Investments Sicav SRI Ageing Population DX EUR Acc (LU1234787460)1,13M EUR117,28 EUR1,50%1,70%500 EUR
Generali IS SRI Ageing Population EX EUR Acc (LU1234787544)1,64M EUR120,44 EUR2,20%2,40%500 EUR
Generali Investments Sicav SRI Ageing Population EY EUR Inc (LU1234788351)0,00M EUR111,28 EUR2,20%2,42%500 EUR


The objective of the Sub-fund is to provide a long-term capital appreciation investing in equities of ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) compliant companies selected through an analysis process defined and followed by the Investment Manager across sectors identified as those which could most benefit from the long-term demographic trend of the ageing of the population. The Sub-fund shall invest at least 90% of its net assets in listed equities issued by European companies compliant with ESG criteria. For the purposes of the Sub-fund, European companies are companies listed on a stock exchange, or incorporated, in Europe. Up to 10% of the Sub-fund’s net assets may be invested in Money Market Instruments, government bonds, corporate bonds, convertibles and participation rights not focusing on sustainable development.


ComisiónValorFórmula de cálculo
Management Fee0,75%PERCENT
On Going Charge0,95%PERCENT
Total Expense Ratio0,95%PERCENT


Eric Biassette



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