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PrivilEdge Fidelity Technology

PrivilEdge - Fidelity Technology (USD) PA | LU1390458310

Lombard Odier Funds (Europe) SA

15 Sep, 2017


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Comisión de gestión

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Participación mínima

PrivilEdge - Fidelity Technology Syst. Hdg (EUR) NA (LU1390458740)5,13M EUR19,48 EUR1,00%1,20%1.000.000 EUR
PrivilEdge - Fidelity Technology (USD) NA (LU1390457932)26,32M USD32,01 USD1,00%1,20%1.000.000 USD
PrivilEdge - Fidelity Technology Syst. Hdg (EUR) MA (LU1390459045)9,51M EUR19,20 EUR1,10%1,45%3.000 EUR
PrivilEdge - Fidelity Technology (USD) MA (LU1390458153)82,94M USD29,89 USD1,10%1,45%3.000 USD
PrivilEdge - Fidelity Technology Syst. Hdg (EUR) PA (LU1390459391)6,08M EUR18,42 EUR1,10%2,35%3.000 EUR
PrivilEdge - Fidelity Technology (USD) PA (LU1390458310)37,21M USD28,67 USD1,10%2,35%3.000 USD
PrivilEdge - Fidelity Technology Syst. Hdg (EUR) RA (LU1390459557)0,09M EUR17,64 EUR1,10%3,00%1.000 EUR
PrivilEdge - Fidelity Technology (USD) RA (LU1390458583)0,02M USD23,54 USD1,10%3,00%1.000 USD


The Sub-Fund aims to provide long-term capital growth with an expected low level of income. The Investment Manager will select equity securities and build a portfolio of 40-60 holdings from a universe of companies throughout the world that will provide, or benefit significantly from, technological advances and improvements in relation to products, processes or services. Selection process goes through a fundamental, bottom-up approach, focusing on identifying quality companies with sustainable growth prospects trading at attractive valuations. Up to 30% of the Sub-Fund’s net assets may be invested in equity and equity-related securities of companies outside the parameters set forth above.


ComisiónValorFórmula de cálculo
Management Fee1,10%PERCENT
On Going Charge2,39%PERCENT
Total Expense Ratio2,35%PERCENT


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Prospectus (Jun 01, 2017) Sep 06, 2017
Key Investor Information Document (KIID) (Jan 16, 2017) Jun 16, 2017